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Why Dentistry Isn’t Covered by Medical Insurance

November 6, 2017

Woman with toothbrush and dental insurance signIf you have cataracts, your cataract surgery is covered by medical insurance, not vision insurance. If you need oral surgery, your medical insurance provider will not likely provide any benefits. Instead, you’ll need to rely on your dental insurance coverage, which will not likely cover the cost of these more advanced treatments. Many patients don’t understand why dental care does not receive serious consideration by medical insurance providers. Keep reading to learn more about dental treatments and how you can do your part to make sure medical insurance providers take oral health seriously.

How to find excellent periodontal treatment in Big Horn County

February 3, 2016

periodontal treatment big horn countyRed, swollen, tender gums? If you’ve got gum disease, you need to find treatment — and fast. Left untreated, periodontitis has serious effects on your overall health, and bad breath is just the least of them. So you know you need to find an excellent doctor to help you treat your gum disease, but where to start? Read on to learn more about periodontal treatment and where you can find the best in Big Horn County.


Make Dr. Lance Anderson’s Dental Checkups Your Resolution

January 5, 2016

dr. lance andersonHappy New Year from Lovell Dental! To start the year off, we have a question for you. What was your resolution last week? Some of the most common ones are weight loss and going to the gym more — but Dr. Lance Anderson has a better idea. If you really want to improve the way you look and feel in 2016, consider improving your oral health! One excellent way to do that is by scheduling your six month checkup with the family dentist Lovell WY trusts. Keep reading to learn more, then contact us to book your appointment today!


Fast, Stable, Affordable: All-on-4 Dental Implants Lovell, WY

December 3, 2015

dental implants lovell wyIf you’re missing a whole row of top or bottom teeth, you need an excellent solution to complete your smile. But if you have yet to find a stable replacement option — one that doesn’t cause you unnecessary stress or discomfort — you should learn about All-on-4 dental implants in Lovell, WY. Keep reading for more from Dr. Lance Anderson, your trusted dental implants expert in Wyoming.


Use It or Lose It: Tips for Using Your Dental Insurance at Lovell, WY

November 12, 2015

family dentist

With the end of the year approaching, your dental insurance benefits are about to expire. If you’re fortunate to have dental insurance, then you need to know that this coverage is quite different from medical coverage. Unlike medical insurance which is designed to cover an illness or accident after it occurs, dental insurance is set up to encourage you to be proactive and see you dentist in order to avoid dental problems. With this in mind, Dr. Lance Anderson and the team at Lovell Dental in Lovell, WY, have a few ideas for how you can take advantage of your benefits between now and end of the year.

Transform Your Look With Veneers & More in Big Horn County

October 30, 2015

veneers big horn countyIf there’s one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about in the midst of weekday meetings, long front porch chats and weekend fun, it’s whether or not your smile looks its best. At Anderson Family Dental, we firmly believe everyone deserves a smile they feel great about flaunting, every single day. That’s why we’re proud to offer cosmetic makeovers to our neighbors who feel like their smile could use a little spruce-up. Learn more about what we can do with cosmetic dentistry services like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and more in Big Horn county today!


Botox Treatment for TMJ Pain in Lovell, WY

September 3, 2015

Botox therapy can be used for TMJ pain.If you’re suffering from head or jaw pain related to your TMJ disorder, you have an option — one that will help you look younger, too. Click to learn how Botox can help you!

Have You Scheduled Your Children’s Back-To-School Checkup Yet?

August 10, 2015


The beginning of school is a great time for a checkup.What was that famous song lyric that the Beach Boys sang? “Won’t be long before summer time is through,” is how it goes. Well, now that the summer is almost through, it’s time to start preparing for that one time of year that every parents must endure: the first day of school. Oh, what a stressful time of year it truly is to be a parent. But, at our office in Lovell, WY, Dr. Lance Anderson wants your kids’ mouths to be in extra-healthy shape for the upcoming school year. The summertime is a great time for kids because it allows them to get outside and explore. There are many things that could be happening inside of their mouths during this time, especially as the result of eating and drinking all kinds of sugary treats. Kids preventive dental care starts with good dental hygiene at home. This is where you can make a huge difference in your kids’ oral health. Trust the family dentist Lovell, WY residents go to for excellent kids dental care.

Get To Know Dr. Lance Anderson

July 21, 2015

docAt Lovell Dental, we specialize in providing a warm, inviting atmosphere for all of our patients. No matter which dental service you are going in for, you can rest assured that Dr. Lance Anderson and his team of pros will make your experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Speaking of Dr. Anderson, did you know he is the second youngest of six children, or that he grew up on a dairy farm? This post is dedicated to the man that makes smiles whiter, brighter and healthier throughout Lovell. Let’s hear it for the family dentist Lovell, WY residents call the best around: Dr. Anderson!

Let’s Get To Know Dr. Anderson

What are some of your hobbies?

“Most of my hobbies are focused around my family now.  Camping with my family. We recently purchased a camper to spend weekends up on the Big Horn Mountains near Lovell.  Hunting has always been a big part of my life. I grew up Hunting with my brothers and Dad near Douglas Wyoming for Elk, Deer and Antelope. The biggest bull elk I shot was a 6×6 bull elk.  I currently enjoy playing sports with my boys, they love basketball and we play often in the front yard together.”

What motivates you?

“My family is a big motivator. Everything I do and work for is for them, to make sure they have a good life.  Dental school was a big task and without them as a motivation I’m not sure how well I would have done. I also want to be a great dentist and am motivated primarily by myself to make sure I am up on technology on all treatment options. I’m also extremely motivated by my faith.”

What is your favorite thing about being a dentist?

“The social aspect of dentistry is probably one of my favorite things.  I like getting to know people and also making some sort of difference in their lives.  I also really enjoy different aspects of dentistry as far as treatment goes.  I really enjoy placing implants and cosmetic treatments.”

How would you describe yourself in 5 words or less?

“Positive, laid-back, motivated, hard-working, family man.”

Do you have any pets? If so, what kind?

“Black Lab and Maltese (kids’ dog).”

Visit Dr. Anderson Today

To schedule an appointment or to meet Dr. Anderson in person, speak with our staff today. We’re proud to offer excellent dental services to the Lovell, WY area including Deaver, Cowley, Byron, Garland and beyond.

24/7 Emergency Dentist in Lovell, WY

June 23, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-484815493Emergencies don’t happen at convenient times. When’s the last time you needed stitches while you were on your way to see your doctor for a regular visit? That’s why there are emergency rooms for round the clock medical treatment. Most dental practices don’t offer the same convenience, but Dr. Lance Anderson and the dedicated team at Lovell Dental are here to help when you need us. Any time you experience a dental emergency, call our emergency help line to get help day or night. We are committed to providing superior service for our patients, and that means we are available to help you when you need us. Call our conveniently located Lovell, WY office to find out more today.

When is it an Emergency?

At our office we consider any dental injury that is extremely painful, excessively bleeding, or requires tooth replacement an emergency. When you call our convenient emergency number at any time of day, Dr. Anderson will discuss the emergency situation with you, help you with any at home care that may be beneficial, and determine how quickly you need to get to the office. Even though many dental practices do not offer emergency services, dental emergencies can be extremely time sensitive. We strive to maintain and restore natural teeth whenever possible to achieve optimal oral health for our patients, but if your tooth is lost or extruded, it is essential that you receive treatment within an hour of injury.

How Can I Prepare?

We may not know when or where dental disaster will strike or what kind of injury we’ll sustain, but knowing some basic aid skills will make any emergency less stressful. In fact, you’ll only need to remember two things: clean and cold. Any abscessed, chipped, cracked, broken teeth, or soft tissue injuries can be easily treated by cleaning with warm water and a cool, damp compress to stop or slow bleeding. Warm water is sufficient to clean foreign matter from any open wounds. It’s not necessary to use mouthwash or toothpaste to clean the wound before coming to see us. To slow or stop bleeding, apply a cool, damp compress to the affected area to slow blood flow and reduce swelling. Ice can also be used if blood flow is very heavy.

In case of a lost or dislodged tooth it is essential that you see us immediately as there is a very short window for us to restore your natural tooth which is preferable to other restoration options. If you have lost your tooth, clean it with warm water and slow or stop blood flow in the socket as indicated above. Tooth loss does require a few extra care instructions: always handle the tooth by the top and avoid touching roots, if you can replace the tooth in the socket do so quickly, and if the tooth cannot be replaced hold it between your cheek and gums or store in a glass of whole milk until you reach our office.

Restoration and Cosmetic Dentistry Services

The bright side of dental emergencies is that innovation in oral care has made it possible for dentists to restore almost any damage. Dr. Anderson is a skilled in restoration and cosmetic dentistry, and can help you determine the best treatment plan following any emergency. When dental disaster strikes, remember we are here to help put a smile back on your face after any accident.

Find Out More

Next time dental disaster strikes, there’s no need to panic. Call the knowledgeable staff at Lovell Dental day or night. We are here to help restore your smile whenever a dental emergency occurs. If you would like to schedule a regular dental appointment, or find out more about any of our oral health care services, contact us today. Our convenient Big Horn County location is accessible to patients in Lovell, Byron, Cowley, Deaver, Garland and beyond.

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