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Botox Treatment for TMJ Pain in Lovell, WY

September 3, 2015

Botox therapy can be used for TMJ pain.If you’re suffering from head or jaw pain related to your TMJ disorder, you have an option — one that will help you look younger, too. Click to learn how Botox can help you!

Say Goodbye to Chronic Headaches With Botox (That’s Right, Botox)

Anyone who has had a migraine knows they’re a pain unlike any other. If you haven’t ever had one, count yourself lucky. Migraine sufferers may search for ages to find what’s causing their headaches without ever finding a solution. Something sufferers may not realize is that many times, it’s a problem with their jaw muscles that’s causing their migraines. And now, there’s an solution — with Botox. Yes, Botox treatments may be your answer to chronic headaches and jaw pain. Read on to learn more.

What is TMJ disorder?

Your TMJ is your Temporo Mandibular Joint, and it’s the hinge between your jaw and your skull. It’s what helps you speak, chew and yawn — basically anything that requires you to open your mouth. When your TMJ has a disorder, we refer to TMD — Temporo Mandibular Disorder. TMD can be caused by injuries, like blows to the head or whiplash, teeth grinding or clenching, arthritis or stress.

Symptoms of TMD may include pain when opening your mouth wide, or feeling a click when you chew or speak. Some patients also experience a tired feeling in their face, or sudden trouble when eating. More intense pain can exist with TMD, too, including earaches, shoulder pain, and — you guessed it — chronic headaches or migraines.

Treating TMD to Treat Migraines

Nearly 20 million Americans suffer from severe headaches and jaw pain related to TMD, but too often the disorder goes untreated due to a lack of general knowledge surrounding TMD. That’s not the case with your Lovell family dentist — Dr. Anderson is well-trained in the treatment of the chronic headaches and jaw pain related to TMD. Read on to learn about how Botox treatments in Lovell can give you the relief you’re seeking.

Botox for Chronic TMD Headache Relief

When you hear Botox, you may think it’s something reserved for celebrities or the wealthy. That’s not true. Botox has proven wildly successful in the treatment of chronic pain related to disorders in the TMJ — and it could be your answer to living free from pain once again.

Botox works for face and head pain by temporarily freezing the muscles in your face, lessening tension and allowing your jaw muscles to fully relax. Other treatment options may require a daily commitment — but with Botox, treatments last only about a half hour every three months. With Botox, you’re in, out, and feeling good again.

Of course, relief from jaw and headaches aren’t the only benefits of Botox treatment at Dr. Anderson’s office. You’ll also enjoy fewer wrinkles as it lessens the effects of crow’s feet, frown lines and other wrinkles. Less pain and fewer wrinkles? That’s a powerful combination all of our patients love.

Call Our Offices Today

If you’re suffering from chronic headaches, migraines or severe jaw pain, don’t live with it for one more day. Dr. Anderson offers you a safe, accessible option to help you live pain-free again. Doesn’t that sound nice? Call our offices to schedule your appointment today.

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