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Lovell’s Cosmetic Dentist

Creates Dream Smiles

At Lovell Dental, we are committed to helping each of our patients enjoy the benefits of a confident, attractive smile they can feel proud to show off to the world. Dr. Lance Anderson and our team of oral hygiene experts combine the latest in dental technology, years of experience, and a gentle touch to give our patients the smile they’ve always wanted using an array of effective cosmetic services.

Porcelain Veneers

Woman with flawless smile

This is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available today, and the reason for that is simple: it’s able to eliminate an entire range of aesthetic imperfections all with one simple procedure. With porcelain veneers, we can:

Each porcelain veneer is custom-made of high-quality dental ceramic to each patient’s exact specifications. You can get one to enhance a single tooth or an entire set to achieve a dramatic smile makeover.

They typically take two to three appointments to get, during which we’ll discuss what you want to change about your smile, prepare your enamel to fit the veneers, send an impression to a lab to make them, and finally place them on your teeth. Once they are on, your new smile is ready for the world.

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Metal-Free Restorations

Closeup of healthy teeth and gums

When the teeth that show when a person smiles become damaged, we need to use a more elegant solution that your typical metal crown to restore them. In these sensitive cases, we only use all-porcelain crowns, inlays, or onlays. This material is just as strong as traditional metal, but it can also be specially shaded to perfectly match a patient’s tooth color. Dental ceramic has become so advanced over the years that even we sometimes have issues distinguishing it from real teeth, and that’s exactly the kind of result we strive to provide for everyone who comes to see us.

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Direct Bonding

Closeup of falwless smile

It’s amazing how just one small chip, crack, stain, or gap can completely throw off the appearance of a smile. A single tiny flaw can be all it takes to make even the most confident person feel self-conscious about their teeth. Fortunately, to fix these types of minor problem, we have a treatment that’s just as quick as it is effective: direct bonding.

With this, Dr. Anderson will gradually apply a tooth-colored composite resin to your tooth to build up the enamel, he’ll harden the material with a special light, and then the fun part begins. Using the resin, he’ll literally sculpt your tooth to perfection in just a matter of minutes. With this treatment, we can improve the shape, size, and color of even the most affected tooth. Better yet, the procedure only takes about an hour and doesn’t require any anesthesia or injections.

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ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

Woman with bright white smile

Looking to get a dramatically whiter smile as quickly as possible? Whether your teeth are stained due to coffee, wine, tea, tobacco, aging, or genetics, ZOOM! can make them all go away in less than an hour. After settling into our comfortable chair, we’ll paint ZOOM’s powerful bleaching agent directly onto your teeth and activate it with a low-heat light to help it get to work breaking up the most stubborn stains. With it, we can whiten your smile 6-10 shades in just one appointment!

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Hand holding an Invisalign tray

How good are you at keeping a secret? Well, even if you can’t keep a secret, Invisalign clear braces won’t boldly announce to anyone that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. With Invisalign clear plastic braces, Dr. Anderson can fix almost all of the same orthodontic problems that traditional braces can, but without the unsightly appearance or the inconvenience of metal brackets and wires on your teeth 24/7.

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MTM® Clear Aligners

Woman placing clear aligner

For our adult patients who are looking to straighten their teeth, we often recommend MTM® clear aligners. Rather than noticeable brackets and wires, this system utilizes a series of custom-made clear plastic trays to gently shift the teeth in the most discreet way possible. They are nearly invisible to the eye, removable, and extremely comfortable. They offer the best way to get a beautifully straight smile without having to undergo braces.

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