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Why Do Some People Have Dental Fear?

March 4, 2022

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man looking scared in dental chair

Your cousin recently mentioned he hasn’t been to the dentist in four years. You were shocked to hear it and had to ask him why. When he responded that he just doesn’t think about it to make an appointment, that didn’t seem like a legitimate reason to you. He’s an adult and he’s going to make his own choices, but it got you thinking about others like him who never go in for an exam and cleaning. Some of these people must have dental fear and it’s just not something they want to admit. Keep reading to learn from your dentist in Lovell some of the reasons this is all too common and why it shouldn’t be.

What Are Some Justifications People Give for Not Going to the Dentist?

There are probably a million reasons submitted, but here are five pretty common ones:

  • No Symptoms: A person might think they feel just fine and have no reason for an exam. There could be trouble ahead and they don’t see it coming. A cleaning is always important.
  • Forgetfulness: Someone will say they always forget to make an appointment. A well-placed sticky note reminder could remedy that.
  • Shame: If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time and are dealing with bad breath and/or dental issues, embarrassment or concern about being judged may keep you away.
  • Fear: “Dentophobia” is a real thing. It can have many causes. Maybe a person witnessed someone else who seemed to be in pain at the dentist or they have a general fear of sharp objects.
  • Lack of Insurance: Someone may believe they simply cannot afford a dental visit. They might not think their insurance will cover a treatment or maybe they don’t have any and have not checked on potential alternatives.

What Are a Few Reasons Why the Dentist Is No One to Be Afraid of?

If you feel a sense of concern thinking about a dental visit, here are five reasons that you shouldn’t:

  • Dental tools shouldn’t be feared. If you are concerned about the tools used during an exam, ask the hygienist to explain to you what each one is used for before the cleaning and exam begin.
  • The average dental appointment lasts an hour or less. If you are scheduled for a cleaning and exam, it’s not going to take up your whole afternoon. Having your vehicle serviced will usually take longer than maintenance for your mouth.
  • Treatments can be explained in advance. If you are worried about what happens in a cleaning and exam, ask the hygienist to walk you through the process before any work begins.
  • Seeing the dentist as a real person can be helpful. The dentist is a person just like you with hobbies and favorite foods – not a mysterious figure behind a mask. Having a quick chat about non-dental topics can be comforting when you first meet them.

Most people who don’t go to the dentist probably believe their reasons for avoiding it are legitimate, but your teeth and gums won’t be interested in any excuses like dental fear when plaque starts to take its toll. Making and following through on that one preventive dentistry appointment could mean everything when it comes to you getting more comfortable at the dentist!

About the Practice

Dr. Lance Anderson believes in the value of spending time to get to know his patients and using his skills to help them be able to avoid traveling for hours to see dental specialists. He pursued a dental career to make a positive impact in people’s lives and enable them to regain their self-confidence. Dr. Anderson wants to do everything he can to help you overcome dental fear, and he offers nitrous oxide sedation if you need help relaxing. You can schedule an appointment on his website or by calling (307) 548-7654.

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