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Benefits of Dental Implants – Lovell, WY

How Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

While there are many ways to replace teeth, dental implants offer benefits that truly stand out in the field of dentistry. They are considered to be the most comprehensive tooth replacement solution because they are the only option that replaces the entire tooth. However, many patients don’t actually understand why this distinction is so important. Below, you can learn from Dr. Lance Anderson and Lovell Dental how dental implants can truly change your life. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment and replace your missing tooth, don’t hesitate to give our office a call!

Mimics Your Natural Tooth Almost Exactly

When you replace the root of teeth and not just the crown, you’re not just restoring the structure of the tooth. In fact, you’re effectively restoring all the functions that were present with your previous tooth. This includes your biting force, your natural jaw shape, and blood flow. Improved blood flow allows nutrients to properly travel to your gums and facial tissue, keeping your oral structures healthy.

A Long-Term Solution for Tooth Loss

A diagram of a dental implant.

In comparison to other forms of tooth replacement, including dental bridges and dentures, dental implants maintain the best longevity. This is in large part due to the integration with existing bone tissue. On average, dental implants last between 25 years and a lifetime, while dental bridges typically only last for 10 to 15 years and dentures generally need to be replaced every 7 to 10 years.

The Best Esthetics Available To Date

An older couple hugging outside.

As mentioned, dental implants allow for proper blood flow to occur to your gums and facial tissue. This also means that your face will maintain its natural elasticity and your cheeks will no longer hollow out, a side effect that’s very common following tooth loss. Dentures and dental bridges do not address the bone underneath the gums, which means premature signs of aging can still occur. Dental implants combine comprehensive integration and lifelike materials (porcelain) to provide the best esthetics possible.

High Success Rates and Predictability

A woman examining her smile.

When placed by a professional like Dr. Anderson, dental implants maintain an average success rate of 98 percent. It is crucial to choose a dentist who is experienced in placing dental implants because it ensures the most successful treatment possible. However, thanks to advanced technologies like the 3D cone beam scanner, we can perform the most predictable procedure possible and improve treatment outcomes across the board.

Eat the Foods You Want Without Worry

A chef pouring sauce onto a steak.

If you’ve had a denture before, you know that eating certain foods is completely out of the question. For example, steaks and apples become so difficult to enjoy that you may avoid them (as well as similar foods) altogether. Since dental implants stimulate your jawbone as you chew, it keeps your overall biting force strong. Eating the foods you enjoy, regardless of how tough or chewy they may be, is simple, straightforward and seamless.

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